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Welcome to Lighthouse Flooring Inc.

Serving Sedona and Verde Valley for Over 30 Years

Rugs flooring services Is your flooring wavy or uneven? Moving into new construction, or getting ready for a remodeling or home updating project?

Lighthouse Flooring Inc is a locally owned flooring and stone contractor that can provide all types of flooring plus countertops, vanities, barbecues, showers and much more.

We are a licensed, certified, insured and bonded member of the Registrar of Contractors. With 35 years under the same owner, Lighthouse Flooring Inc has the experience to know that nothing is impossible. If you can think of it, we can do it!

Our patient and helpful staff looks forward to helping you. Visit our showroom in Sedona, AZ or ask us for a free estimate.

Lighthouse Flooring Inc.Lighthouse Flooring Inc. in Sedona, AZ is a flooring and stone contractor.

Lighthouse Flooring Inc.

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